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July 3, 2012

Not a political issue.
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This really is not a political issue. In a civilized country no one should be denied basic health care. The well being of the nation depends on the well being of it’s citizens.

Governor Romney implemented the health system that emphasizes individual responsibility. And it is very successful.

Prevention and access to checkups would help to stay healthy and reduce the need of expensive procedures and expensive drugs.

We all think that nothing is going to happen to us. Especially when we are young and healthy. But things happen. And then the taxpayers have to pay for the ER.

Individual freedoms are great. But we have to obey the traffic signals and the speed limit. And we have to buckle up. We all live in a society and the society agreed to impose certain rules in order to function.

In every developed country except America all have access to health care. It is time to join the Civilized World.

Meanwhile you have to take charge of your health. Exercise, eat healthy and take some vitamins (but not too much) 

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