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June 18, 2015

Balanced approach to health.
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Ella ZibitskerBy Ella Zibitsker.

We often think about weight problem as a stand-alone issue that can be easily resolved by either dieting or/and exercising. And sometimes it’s true, we can lose some pounds by eating less or adding some exercises to our daily routine. And then we gain it all back. So, why most of us cannot keep the weight down for long period of time? And the bigger question is, if overweight is an indication of poor health, should we focus on health first?

I found the answer in George Oshawa’s famous quote: “The principle without the technique is useless; the technique without the principle is dangerous.”

For me, macrobiotics provides a concept based on over 4,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and techniques developed by George Oshawa, Michio Kushi, and Herman Aihara, as well as many of their associates and pupils. Macrobiotics is not another diet, it’s a lifestyle based on 4 principles. It stipulates that if you want to stay healthy or heal you should:

  1. Live in tune with nature
  2. Balance the yin and yang in your diet and life, and avoid extremes of either
  3. Eat locally and seasonally
  4. Eat the diet right for you, and understand the law of change

I watched many people following these principles to improve their health and inevitably losing weight. Some lost 30-40 pounds in just 3-4 months. And by changing the lifestyle they managed not only keep the weight down but to create extraordinary health. That’s the result we should expect and work for.

After reading Michio Kushi’s book “The Macrobiotic Way”, I realized that this is the only way to regain health back. For me changing my lifestyle by adopting these principles was a matter of life and death. You see, 17 years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and wasn’t offered any treatment. I dived in to the world of macrobiotics, met Michio, did everything he told me, completely changed my lifestyle and 9 months later was clear of cancer. Since that time my health improved and so did the weight. I lost about 20 pounds and never gained them back. Hundreds of people turned to macrobiotics as a last resort, but more and more people started thinking about staying healthy and practice common sense lifestyle that is based on the above 4 principles.

If you’re completely satisfied with the way you are – great, but if you don’t maybe you should re-examine the principles and techniques you are using. They might be useless or dangerous. I encourage you to discover and explore the world of macrobiotics and create a life full of energy and enjoyment.

For more information, contact me directly at (847) 682-4794 or visit our website, www.StartMacro.com.

To read more about macrobiotics, Yin/Yang, and balanced lifestyle here are some websites among many others: www.kushiinstitute.org, http://www.sacredlotus.com/go/foundations-chinese-medicine/get/yin-yang, http://wholesomebalance.com/Macrobiotics.html.

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