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Again and again we see this in the news.

A warning that overusing certain painkillers can cause a “vicious cycle” of disabling headaches is widely reported in the papers. Medication overuse headache is a poorly understood but well-established condition where long-term use of painkillers, such as aspirin, paracetamol and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, actually worsen the headache, both in terms of severity and frequency. http://www.nhs.uk/news/2012/09September/Pages/Painkillers-may-be-making-a-million-headaches-worse.aspx

We all have to admit that America is a sick society. Also Americans spend more on “healthcare” per capita than any other nation on Earth. Without much to show for. The main reasons are simple: Americans eat too much junk, use too much medicine(drugs) and don’t move enough. In other words we are too fat, lazy and stupid. If some of you are outraged by this statement please look in the mirror, step on the scale and stop watching stupid drugs commercials! And also it may be a new experience, try to think. Once you start taking medications it becomes a vicious circle where you need more and more drugs that are “needed” to counteract the side effects of other drugs.

Some basic knowledge and common sense well help you to stay away from medications. Prevention and some life style changes are much more cost effective than any drugs.

Modern medicine is desperately short of new treatments. It takes years for a new drug to get through the research and developmentpipeline to manufacture and the cost is enormous.”

And growing drug resistance, in part caused by the misuse of medications, has rendered several antibiotics and other life-saving drugs useless.” http://www.scidev.net/global/disease/feature/integrating-modern-and-traditional-medicine-facts-and-figures.html

The main argument for medication is that it is effective and can extend or even save lives. However, studies have shown that other countries that have the same medications that are available in the US have lower rates of prescription as well as having lower mortality rates. This is certainly shocking considering the fact that medicines are supposed to help us, not hurt us. Now is the time to learn the medical facts about the drugs you are taking and consider any medicine alternatives that are available. http://www.facthealthcare.com/2011/01/the-dangers-of-overuse-of-medication/

We over medicate our children instead of letting the body take care of infection. Research shows that medicating a child with an anti-fever drug for a low to moderate fever may interfere with this natural defense. In addition to viruses and infections, such as ear and bronchial infections, fevers can also be due to over bundling a child or excessive crying.

Investigators found that only 43% of parents (compared to 86% of doctors and 64% of nurses) knew that a fever below 100.4 F could be beneficial to a child. Most parents (compared to only 11% of doctors) reported that they would treat a fever below 100.4 F even if they did not have any other symptoms. http://www.truestarhealth.com/members/cm_archives05ml4p1a8.html

Our society is addicted to the immediate gratification. And the only way to reduce the “sick care” cost is to transform our medicine to a “health care” Let’s take care of our health before we get sick.  

Traditional medicine (TM) is due a revival. For millennia, people around the world have healed the sick with herbal or animal-derived remedies, handed down through generations. http://www.scidev.net/global/disease/feature/integrating-modern-and-traditional-medicine-facts-and-figures.html  

My dear readers. Unless there is a serious illness please try to avoid medications. Some take pills “just in case”. Don’t. Enjoy life. Get out of the house. Walk, run, dance. Whatever your preferences are. Avoid fast food joints. Avoid carbonated sweetened or “diet” drinks. Nothing beats water! Eat variety of food – vegetables, meats, fish. Little alcohol will not hurt you if you are healthy. So are coffee and chocolate – enjoy!

Wine, chocolate and coffee.


Here is to good health!

 Sweet revenge. Chickens will kill us.

The irony would be if it happened not because our technology and medicine was too backward to handle it, but because it had advanced to the point that it was taken for granted and the unintended and unforeseen consequences (which are never actually unforeseen) of its cavalier overuse become horrifically tragic. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/03/30/1198038/-Zombies-Aliens-Overuse-of-Antibiotics-in-Animals-and-People-are-Creating-Superbugs-Part-I#

Antibiotics in animals

Harmful industry

Concern has been intensifying in recent years over the use of antibiotics in agriculture, which contributes to the development of drug-resistant bacteria. These so-called superbugs infect hundreds of thousands and kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the issue is better handled through voluntary guidelines it hopes to finalize this year, including more veterinary oversight.
“Really? voluntary guidelines? A fox in the hen house?”
“The first problem is that it is voluntary. As far as we are concerned the FDA has tried a voluntary approach on this for almost 40 years, and it hasn’t worked,” said Avinash Kar, an attorney who works on antibiotic issues for the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group. “The second problem is that it leaves a giant loophole for so-called preventive uses.”

Dr. Jean Patel, deputy director of the Office of Antimicrobial Resistance at the CDC, calls antibiotic resistance one of the nation’s most serious health threats: “Resistance often emerges in the health care setting where antibiotics are commonly used,” Patel said, “but these drugs are also used on animals, and a number of food borne pathogens, like salmonella, are becoming increasingly resistant to drugs that are important for human health.”
About 80 percent of all antibiotics sold by weight in the U.S. in 2011 were used on livestock, according to FDA figures. That year, 7.3 million pounds of antibiotics were used to treat humans, compared with 29.9 million pounds sold for meat and poultry production. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-05-26/news/ct-met-antibiotics-in-meat-20130526_1_important-antibiotics-antimicrobial-resistance-health-groups
EWG warning

Over prescribing antibiotics

Too much of a good thing

The group analyzed 2011 data recently released by the U.S. Government and found 81% of ground turkey and 55% of ground beef sold in supermarkets carried antibiotic-resistant strands of bacteria. Together these bacteria cause 3.6 million cases of food poisoning a year. More than half of all chicken sampled carried antibiotic-resistant E. coli.
An estimated 8.9 billion animals a year are raised in confinement where cramped conditions, a lack of exercise (or fresh air), and high stress environment necessitate the use of antibiotics. These animals are also fed “sub-therapeutic” doses of the drugs in their feed to promote faster growth.

Misuse and overuse of antimicrobial drugs creates selective evolutionary pressure that enables antimicrobial resistant bacteria to increase in numbers more rapidly than antimicrobial susceptible bacteria and thus increases the opportunity for individuals to become infected by resistant bacteria. Because antimicrobial drug use contributes to the emergence of drug resistant organisms, these important drugs must be used judiciously in both animal and human medicine to slow the development of resistance. Using these drugs judiciously means that unnecessary or inappropriate use should be avoided. http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/drug-resistant-superbugs-hit-us-hospitals-and-nursing-homes.html
Here is my take on the problem.
What do you do?

For starters let your body take care of infection. An interesting example:

Women with urinary tract infections (UTIs) such as cystitis are refusing antibiotics—and discovering the problem clears up on its own within seven days.
Up to 70 per cent of women with uncomplicated UTI were clear of the problem without taking antibiotics, a new study from the University of Amsterdam has found. http://www.wddty.com/women-with-utis-getting-better-in-a-week-without-antibiotics.html

Thanks to the popularity of everything from prescription drugs to anti-bacterial hand soaps, our fear of germs is making those that are capable of seriously harming us even stronger.

Healthy immune system

Let your body do the work.

Several option are available: buy organic meat, grow your own, buy from organic cooperatives, reduce meat consumption (once a week) or stop eating meat.
The problem I see is that even if you stop eating meet due to the “super-bug” proliferation the bugs will get you one way or the other.
The only way to overt the disaster is prevention.
Beware of antibiotics and drugs in general
In many cases chicken soup(organic chicken) is preferable to antibiotics
Hospitals are the most dangerous places
Avoid surgeries. It is the last resort.
Active life style helps your immune system to stay strong.
So exercise EVERY DAY – consistency is crucial. Don’t overdo it. 30 min per day is fine.
In general your attitude toward life and stresses in life affects your immune system.
Use healthy wellness products
Enjoy life.

Just in case?

Author: Yoselin
October 3, 2012



Does it make ANY sense to you?? Take a drug like Gardasil for kids as yang as 12? JUST IN CASE!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

Big Money for Big Pharma.

In girls and young women ages 9 to 26, GARDASIL helps protect against 2 types of HPV that cause about 75% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases.

Gardasil is the HPV vaccine, touted to fight cervical cancer. What they are not telling you is that thousands of girls are having adverse reactions to the HPV Vaccines, some have even died -at last count, at least 103 lives have been lost. We have got to do something about this. These girls need our help! These girls are having reactions such as; seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, vomiting, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles,pelvic pain, nerve pain, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!

There is no known treatment to help these girls, as they suffer in silence. The doctors, if they even admit the connection, have no idea how to help them. So they spend their days going from appointment to appointment, from specialist to specialist trying to find someone to help them. Many of these families have started looking for help outside of mainstream medicine, which in some cases, may bring minor relief. However, most insurance plans do not cover this type of treatment, and as a result, this route is out of reach for many girls. http://truthaboutgardasil.org/

WDDTY reveals that Gardasil is officially the world’s most dangerous vaccine. And the UK government isn’t telling parents the truth about a vaccine that has been responsible for at least 100 deaths and thousands of life-destroying disabilities in the US, where it has been used for four years.

WDDTY challenges the government to answer:

  • why the UK has so readily embraced Gardasil when take-up has slumped by a third in the US following thousands of reports of adverse reactions, including death

  • why our drug regulators are being so lax when America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has enforced stronger warnings on the vaccine’s packaging, and is investigating a new reaction known as ‘immunotoxicity’ where the whole immune system is affected

  • why the UK has accepted a vaccine that has been rejected by India after an early trial, funded by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, led to the deaths of seven young girls and another 120 suffered debilitating side effects

  • why the UK government is wasting NHS resources and money on a vaccine that may save just 40 lives in the UK.  Overall, an HPV vaccine may protect against 137 new cases of the cancer.  Despite the publicity, especially following the death of Big Brother star Jade Goody, cervical cancer is a rare disease, and one that doesn’t even feature in the list of the 10 most common cancers.

Why don't you parents try to make sure your kids eat right and exercise and be happy?



Does it make ANY sense to you?? Take a drug like Gardasil for kids as young as 12? JUST IN CASE!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

Why don’t you parents try to make sure your kids eat right and exercise and are happy?

Considering today’s food, vitamins and supplements may be a good idea.

April 18, 2012

New Research Finds Chickens Fed Caffeine, Prozac, Arsenic…


FDA approved

Caffeine infused.

While it’s already recognized that chickens are sometimes fed arsenic, this new research has also found a cocktail of drugs such as banned antibiotics, Prozac, and caffeine. The researchers originally began testing the chickens just for banned antibiotics, but expanded to look for other substances because it didn’t cost more to do. The results even had their minds blown.

Prozac was apparently fed to chickens because the more stress a chicken has, the tougher its meat will be. The brutal and harsh environments of factory farms often leave chickens nervous and distressed. These chickens were also fed green tea powder and coffee pulp to help them stay awake longer so they eat more food and plump up faster.



Daily pleasures

Better than chicken!

So it’s not just us people. Even chicken gets stressed out in today’s world.

I guess some people feel just like chicken – caged in and having no control.

But unlike chicken we can change our attitude and our life.

So my friends get off Prozac, don’t eat chicken and get a life.

March 12, 2012

Sociopaths and Psychopaths are dangerous for society

Our society

Dear readers

In my previous post I discussed the Antidepressants. The question came up: if antidepressants create psychopaths?

Also the definition and the difference between  the psychopaths and sociopaths.

Can you help?


Dead Sea Herbs team

March 7, 2012

We were watching report by “60 minutes” about the “effectiveness” of the so called ANTIDEPRESSANTS.


Chocked by depression

Stand up!

Report states that many medical researches coming to conclusion that antidepressant drugs are not effective and cause more harm than good. Most of the improvements are attributed to the Placebo Effect. As usual in today’s medical philosophy medics treat symptoms instead of addressing the root of the problem.

And the general public is being duped by advertisers and medical professionals that there is a quick fix-pills. There are a lot of stress factors in today’s society. And people’s inability to cope with with daily problems contributes greatly to depression epidemic in “advanced” societies.

Below are a few excerpts on the subject

  HORWITZ AND WAKEFIELD: Our book argues that, despite widespread beliefs to the contrary, the rate of depressive disorders in the population has not undergone a general upsurge. In fact, careful studies that use the same criterion for diagnosis over time reveal no change in the prevalence of depression. What has changed is the growing number of people who seek treatment for this condition, the increase in prescriptions for antidepressant medications, the number of articles about depression in the media and scientific literature, and the growing presence of depression as a phenomenon in popular culture. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=really-an-epidemic-of-depression

The definition of “depression” is so broad now that  people are “depressed” and need pill if they got a traffic ticket. In reality it is what we call LIFE.

Who Tends to be Most Depressed?

This study found the following groups to be more likely to meet criteria for major depression:

  • Stress and depression.

    Modern life style and stress.

    persons 45-64 years of age

  • women

  • blacks, Hispanics, non-Hispanic persons of other races or multiple races

  • persons with less than a high school education

  • those previously married

  • individuals unable to work or unemployed

  • persons without health insurance coverage

Clinical Trials – What the Drug Companies Don’t Report

What Dr Kirsch and his colleagues found was that 80 percent of the medication response in the combined drug groups was duplicated in the placebo groups, and that the mean difference between the drug and placebo was a “clinically insignificant” two points on both the 17-item and 21-item Hamilton Depression Scale, regardless of the size of the drug dose. The placebo factor ranged from a high of 89 percent for the Prozac response, according to the study, and a low of 69 percent for the Paxil response. In four trials, the placebo equaled or achieved marginally better results than the drug. In the nine expert commentaries published with the study, none of the commentators disputed the study’s main findings. http://www.mcmanweb.com/clinical_trials.html

Depression is an illness with a purpose. In a new website about coping with depression, I recently published, I talk about depression, itself, being ‘OK’ – because the ‘depression’ is merely a ‘signal’ that something in our life is not ‘right’. This is simplifying things but what most treatments tend to do is address the symptoms…hence a ‘pill’ might make you ‘feel more normal’ by overwhelming the brains ability to use the ‘signal’ of depression to alert you to the need for sometimes significant change. Masking the underlying problem by the use of chemistry is a popular way for allopathic medicine to help people to cope with depression. I personally do not think that, in the long-run this really helps us address what we need to do. http://www.gonando.com/depression.html

400% Increase

According to a 2010 report released by the CDC, antidepressants were the most frequently prescribed prescription drug between 2005 and 2008 for adults aged 18 to 44 years, and the third most commonly used drug for all ages. That report also showed that use of antidepressants increased by almost 400% for all ages from between 1988 and 1994 to the period between 2005 and 2008. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/751931

Teen Suicide Risk Similar Among Antidepressants

By Jennifer Warner
April 12, 2010

Antidepressants for kids

Sick society

Overall, the child and teen suicide rate after initiation of antidepressant use among participants in the study was five times higher than the rate reported among all teens aged 13 to 17 in British Columbia, which researchers say reflects the higher suicide risks among the depressed.

Psychiatrists and pharmaceutical industry spokespeople are rushing to defend the use of the medications, which are currently being taken by 17 million Americans and bring in $11.3 billion a year to drug companies. (They are not giving up $13 Billions!)

As anecdotes, statistics and case studies are being bantered about by experts, the question that comes to my mind is why are so many of us being diagnosed with depression in the first place? What is going on that we must rely on a medication to help us cope with everyday life in this country?

I believe that the root cause of our depression epidemic in the US is the fact that we cling to illusions about life that have no substance. Our illusions tell us that life should always be happy and we should not suffer. http://www.karenwyattmd.com/apps/blog/show/12567868

Standing behind the familiar surfaces of everyday life – our family, our work, the travel we undertake, our preferred recreation and so on – a single question confronts us all, rich and poor, in every country in the world – how should we respond to a world slipping deeper into crisis each and every year?

This leads me to speculate that the repressed knowledge of this failure to confront reality may be among the root causes of the ‘depression epidemic’ noted in recent years…  http://www.foresightinternational.com.au/shop/books/biggest-wake-call-history-book

Here is my prescription:

Exercise, Gardening is great, 8 hours of sleep, Meditation, Take a relaxing bath, Diet, Social interactions, Job change, Take a break, Have a hobby

To do the above no health insurance needed, no money for big pharma, no side effects.

In most cases pills are not the answer. Your attitude is.

In conclusion: doctors are considering to give antidepressants to kids as young as 2 years.  Don’t you think it is a symptom of a sick society?

June 29, 2011

CNN’s In Depth series is focusing on medication nation – and the state of prescription drugs in the United States.

Medication Nation

Instant gratification

Some unbelievable numbers to look at this morning. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 74% of doctor visits result in a prescription. Also, 48% of Americans regularly use at least one prescription drug and a whopping 75% of Americans – that’s three out of four people – misuse their prescriptions or don’t take them as directed.
What can be done about this over reliance on medication? This morning, Christine Romans talks with John Abramson, author of “Overdosed America” and a lecturer at Harvard Medical School. She asks him whether things have gotten out of control.
Following his landmark book Talking Back to Prozac, psychiatrist Breggin follows up by arguing against what he calls the “spellbinding” effects of psychiatric medications, and he doesn’t mean “spellbinding” as praise. His point is that all psychiatric drugs are dangerous; he describes how these medications can compromise brain function, resulting in bizarre, even violent behavior. Breggin, a former staffer at the National Institute of Mental Health who has testified in liability suits against pharmaceutical companies, cautions that consumers should thoroughly examine the drug labels for side effects as a precaution for such drugs as stimulants, antidepressants, tranquilizers, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

FDA is an arm of drug companies

New FDA logo

Breggin joins the growing group of experts who argue that the FDA is “more dedicated to serving the drug companies than consumers,” relying on doctored or incomplete evidence and botched tests. Breggin’s assertion that psychotropic drugs induce rather than treat brain imbalances is controversial, but this book is a reasoned look at these drugs, which have come under increasing scrutiny in the media as well as medical world. (July)
http://www.medicationsense.comIn 2002.

Americans filled 3,340,000,000 outpatient prescriptions.1 That’s 12 prescriptions for every man, women, and child in America. Has the American dream become 2 kids, 2 cars, and a dozen drugs in each person’s medicine chest? Despite a weak economy in which most industries have seen sales drop, U.S. drug sales increased substantially in 2002, reaching $219 billion.

According to NDCHealth, overall drug sales grew 12% 2002, 18% in 2001, and 15% in 2000 (based on wholesale acquisition costs). The trend of doctors writing more and more outpatient prescriptions each year continues without pause.
2002: 3,340,000,000 Rx 2001: 3,200,000,000 Rx 2000: 2,979,000,000 Rx 1999: 2,821,000,000 Rx 1998: 2,523,000,000 Rx
The cost of these drugs has more than doubled in five years. (here are your medicare savings!)


Pills for everything

Many doctors treating high cholesterol and high blood pressure turn to drugs without ever discussing diet and exercise, although many of these disorders are nutritional, not medical. Many patients prefer a pill to changing harmful habits. With drug advertising everywhere, what is the message being drummed into us and our children: that for every symptom and sensation the solution is a pill?

My advise: Forget instant gratification. Remove junk food from your diet. Drink water instead of Diet Coke. Turn off the TV and go to the gym. Use healthy natural supplements. Drink some good wine and enjoy life. And, yes, dump the pills!


Author: Yoselin
May 27, 2011

May 26, 2011|By Bruce Japsen, Tribune reporter
A new study has dealt a blow to theories that using medication to raise good cholesterol while lowering the bad translates into fewer adverse cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes.
A National Institutes of Health study released Thursday said high dosages of Abbott Laboratories’ Niaspan failed to prevent heart attacks and boosted the likelihood of a stroke when combined with the popular generic cholesterol pill simvastatin, also known under the brand name Zocor.
The surprising news prompted the NIH to halt a study of more than 3,400 patients. Researchers uncovered an “unexplained increase in the rate of ischemic stroke” to patients to given Niaspan, which is used to raise HDL or the so-called good cholesterol, along with the generic simvastatin, which is used to lower LDL, or the so-called bad cholesterol.
Here we go again!

Cheaper than drugs.

Alternative to drugs.

So my advise: Healthy lifestye, healthy diet and excersize are much better and cheaper than drugs.

Get educated. help yourselves and help to save Madicare by staying healthy!
Cut back on the cholesterol and total fat — especially saturated and trans fats — that you eat. Saturated fats, like those in meat, full-fat dairy products and some oils, raise your total cholesterol. Trans fats, which are sometimes found in margarines and store-bought cookies, crackers and cakes, are particularly bad for your cholesterol levels. Trans fats raise low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the “bad” cholesterol, and lower high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the “good” cholesterol.
Olive oil contains a potent mix of antioxidants that can lower your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol but leave your “good” (HDL) cholesterol untouched. The cholesterol-lowering effects of olive oil are even greater if you choose extra-virgin olive oil, meaning the oil is less processed and contains more heart-healthy antioxidants.
Walnuts, almonds and other nuts can reduce blood cholesterol. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, walnuts also help keep blood vessels healthy.
Good for you

Eat it!

According to the Food and Drug Administration, eating about a handful (1.5 ounces, or 42.5 grams) a day of most nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, some pine nuts, pistachio nuts and walnuts, may reduce your risk of heart disease. Just make sure the nuts you eat aren’t salted or coated with sugar.

Good for you: Apples, beans, brown rice, cinnamon, garlic, grapes, salmon,
Natural supplements that may help to have healthy cholesterol levels
The Heart Health System is comprised of Heart Health Essential Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E, Heart Health TriActive™, and Heart Health Advanced LipiTrim® Ultra, all designed to promote overall cardiovascular health. Heart Health Essential Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E provides the three grams of EPA† (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA† (docosahexaenoic acid) that studies reveal is the most effective amount to promote overall cardiovascular health.
According to the FDA, supportive, but not conclusive, research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
What does lifestyle have to do with heart health?
Bad for you.

Want it?

There are simple, everyday things you can do to help maintain proper heart health. Among these are:

·         Not smoking
·         Maintaining a healthy height-to-weight ratio
·         Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetable and whole grains
·         Limiting the consumption of total and saturated fat
·         Exercising regularly
·         Working with your physician to monitor cholesterol, blood pressure, homocysteine and C-reactive protein levels

Chicago Tribune Alice Dreger
Drugs to make kids taller
Suddenly the stakes on this issue have been raised considerably: A new federal Food and Drug Administration warning indicates a possible 30 percent increased risk of death to children treated with height-boosting drugs.
Are a couple of inches are worth the $150,000 some parents pay for this “treatment.” (Why not put it in an annuity for the child?)
And how our insurance systems getting talked or tricked into paying for this “treatment.”
Cadaver HGH (Human Grows Hormone)
In 1985, we learned that a significant number of people treated with cadaver HGH died of the incurable brain disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob.
Drug companies create the need to be able to sell the unneded products.
Since then, drug companies have used engineered bacteria to make recombinant human growth hormone, or rHGH. Now it’s clean, pure and plentiful. Good news?
Well, not entirely, because companies go in search of markets, and sometimes even create them. And that’s what happened here.
Some children are short because of underlying medical conditions. But even in those cases, when they are given HGH to make them taller, the injections do nothing to treat their medical conditions. It’s just vertical cosmetics.
Targeting the short child through drugs makes no sense, especially since rHGH usually doesn’t even make treated children average-height; it just makes them a bit less short.
Don’t trust the FDA
So imagine the shock to many pediatricians and ethicists — but the drug companies’ delight — that the FDA has repeatedly approved this use for pediatric vertical cosmetics.
Studies show that children treated this way are either no better off or are left worse off in psychological health. What about their physical health? As noted above, the FDA recently issued a warning relaying findings from a French study that suggest a 30 percent increased risk of death.
Finally, the family also needs the FDA’s help, to stop allowing children to be used as marketing sites for drug companies that have an interest in seeing us all conflate average with healthy. Children cannot afford us to confuse cosmetic differences with meaningful medical benefits.
In my opinion in most cases the parents are the ones in need for help.
Like drugs to make them smarter and to know better not to ruin their kid’s health.
And to learn that healthy diet and regular exercise can help kid to get taller and helthier.
Now about some other manifestation of stupidity in parents
In spite of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recommendation against women under age 18 getting breast implants, buying implants for a daughter’s 16th birthday has now become fashionable and even expected.
The Food and Drug Administration lists 25 complications, including pain, inflammation, calcification, chest wall deformity, toxic shock syndrome, wrinkling and scarring. Most patients later have to have second or even third operations because the implants do things like move or break open. The surgery can later interfere with mammography, increasing the chance that a tumor will go undetected. And women who have the surgery are less likely to have enough milk for breast-feeding.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) found that women with implants were twice as likely to die from brain cancer, three times as likely to die from lung cancer, and four times as likely to commit suicide,
The FDA says about 40 percent of augmentation patients have at least one serious complication within three years.

Healthy life style

Healthy lifestyle

We have 3 kids and 2 grandkids.

And the best we can do for them is to teach them how to stay healthy and to help them to get a good education.
And it is troublesome and dangerous that some parents prefer to give their kids artificial and superficial exterior enhancements and not healthy and happy lives.
We should teach our kids that exercise, healthy diet and good education are the keys to full and happy life.

March 8, 2011

Dangerous drugs

Too many drugs

“The FDA will take enforcement action against manufacturers found to be violating the law or attempting to circumvent the drug-approval process,” said Mike Chappell, FDA’s acting associate commissioner for regulatory affairs, in an agency press release.

About 500 cough, cold and allergy medications unaprooved drugs were removed by the FDA on Wednesday, as part of the FDA’s ongoing Unapproved Drugs Initiative, an effort launched in 2006 to pull potentially unsafe drugs from the market.
In the case of the prescription cold and allergy drugs removed Wednesday, many were made available prior to certain rule changes and no longer meet new requirements for safety and efficacy, he says; others are blatantly illegal, or involve cases in which manufacturers simply bypassed the FDA and went directly to market with their medications.
Some of the pulled medications were being prescribed by doctors, since they show up on drug registries and are even covered by insurance drug plans. “Part of the problem is that practitioners are largely unaware that there are unapproved products or prescription products out there,” says Dr. Charles Lee, medical officer of the FDA’s division of new drugs and labeling compliance.

Stay healthy

Here is an alternative

The problem I see is that FDA approved drugs are not safe ether!

Every day FDA removes drugs that are FDA approved.
So what really is the difference? Who cares!
My unprofessional advise- be careful with drugs. Even if you doctor prescribed it for you.
Do your homework. Research the drug. Be an educated consumer.
Learn about the alternative, non-drug treatment. Learn how to stay healthy. Take control of your life and your health. There is plenty of information on the Internet.
If you are looking for vitamins and supplements these are the best I know.

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