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January 26, 2015

Water shortages in Brazil

Man made disaster

The chickens came home to roost in Brazil.

The use of food to make ethanol damages our environment, is depleting the soil and diverts the resources from fighting hunger to pollute the planet. It is a sin. Brazil that was so proud to produce so much ethanol is starting to see the consequences of it’s reckless policies of deforestation and using the land for ethanol production.

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s megacity of 23 million, could soon run out of water, experts warn, as the city continues to suffer its worst drought in 80 years and scientists say decades of deforestation of the Amazon rain-forest may be to blame.” http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2014/12/04/sao-paulo-on-brink-running-out-water-and-amazon-rainforest-destruction-to-blame/

Still in denial.

Climate change is denied by the country’s new science minister, Aldo Rebelo, who has declared the environmental movement is “nothing less, in its geopolitical essence, than the bridgehead of imperialism”.

Scientists think otherwise. As well as global warming, they say Brazil’s weather patterns have been disrupted by the loss of Amazon rainforest and the growth of cities.” http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/23/brazil-worst-drought-history?utm_content=buffer9d02a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Side effects of Ethanol.

There has been hot debate about whether carbon emissions from ethanol production and use are lower than those from oil and whether the 33 percent of the U.S. corn crop diverted to ethanol drives up the price of food. Local effects of ethanol production, however, including water pollution and consumption, have received less scrutiny.

Destruction of rai forest

Brazil is committing suicide.

Fertilizer and pesticide runoffs from the U.S. Corn Belt are key contributors to “dead zones” in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic Coast. A 2008 study by independent researchers, published in the academy’s Proceedings journal, calculated that increasing corn production to meet the 2007 renewable fuels target would add to nitrogen pollution in the Gulf of Mexico by 10 to 34 percent.


Destruction of rain forest

The cutting of trees, scientists say, is hindering the immense jungle’s ability to absorb carbon from the air — and to pull enough water through tree roots to supply gigantic “sky rivers” that move more moisture than the Amazon river itself. More than two-thirds of the rain in southeastern Brazil, home to 40 percent of its population, comes from these sky rivers, studies estimate. When they dry up, drought follows, scientists believe. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2014/12/04/sao-paulo-on-brink-running-out-water-and-amazon-rainforest-destruction-to-blame/

More harm than good.

Ethanol from food

Our priorities.

David Pimentel of Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY, whose own studies have shown that ethanol requires more energy to produce than it releases when burned, and that the fertilizer used to grow corn for ethanol has contributed significantly to dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico (areas of the ocean with low oxygen content due to increases in chemicals in the water). http://www.technologyreview.com/news/413002/measuring-corn-ethanols-thirst-for-water/

So what is the car fuel of the future?

Prediction is very hard, especially about the future – Yogi Berra 

But it is not ethanol.

January 7, 2014

Freezing temperatures and snow.

A dog got to do what a dog got to do!

A few thoughts on how to dress for the cold weather.I grew up in Russia.  There are many differences, culturally and socially, between Americans and Russians.  Over time we have adapted, we understand and have come to accept many things that used to make us different.  But I refuse to accept some of the “ways of life” and accepted customs that make no sense to me…one of which is the strange way Americans dress during the cold season.

I have my own view on how to dress properly during winter. Since I was a kid, I knew to put on my hat before I ran outside to play in the snow; also warm boots.  I may not have worn a coat, but a warm hat was a must. It was the same in the army.  In winter morning exercises were outside in our undershirts…but the hats were on.

I watch people on the streets during the blistering cold walking without hats and I can see that they are cold, freezing, miserable.  But no hats!  And I guarantee that, if they would put their hats on, they would feel much better!  And that simple act of sanity would prevent a lot of colds.

Some say that it is a myth that we are losing most of the heat from our head and we are losing heat equally from any other part of the body as well. And yet for some reason I do not see people going barefoot or bare-chested in winter.

For untrained person cold weather is dangerous.

Are you ready to do this?

Here is the wisdom of generations:  Always wear a hat!  And warm shoes if it is cold out.

“You lose more heat through your head than any other body part.”  Do you remember your mother yelling, “Don’t forget your hat”?  No, that was not an urban legend; your mother was right.” http://talkingtothefish.wordpress.com/page/9/

And if it contradicts the accepted view of highly educated professionals so be it. The arrogance of the “know it all” medical establishment is staggering. And if you disagree, why don’t you read up on some statistics. http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/health/cause.htm Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment, inability to diagnose. “According an extremely comprehensive and well-documented report (30 pages, including about 160 documented references with three MD’s & 2 PhD researchers as authors) March, 2004 Life Extension Magazine, Conventional Medicine is Now the #1 Cause of Death, followed by heart disease & cancer.”  (stroke must be #4 now?) 

And now “new breakthroughs” in medical science stating something people knew for generations:  that garlic is good for you; that a mustard compress treats a cold.  A lot of research is being done on “cupping treatment”:  http://www.pacificcollege.edu/acupuncture-massage-news/om-essay-contest/om-essay-contest/1084-the-magic-of-cupping-therapy-by-serra-reid-lac-diplom-.html  And the highly scientific result is that cupping may be beneficial. I do not state that all the advice our parents and grandparents gave us is totally correct or can be proved by science.  But these various advices have been proven by generations of trial and error, by millions and millions of people – adults and children.  Mayo clinic calls it “evidence-based”.

Cover your head in cold weather.

Useless part sticking out.

 Now if you want to prove me wrong, by all means please take a walk in the snow in your bathing suit.  Please do it for science. But if you do catch a cold here are some natural cold remedies: http://www.happy-mothering.com/03/health-2/wellness/10-natural-home-remedies-for-colds/ , http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6882/10/70  And please be careful with antibiotics.  As we are finding out even the mighty antibiotics can be fatal if over relied upon. http://www.mayoclinic.org/antibiotics/ART-20045720 

I personally will keep my hat on and will put on my warm boots to enjoy winter. Now if all you care about are your ears, then wear ear muffs.  You ears will be fine.  Your brain is another matter. So my friends, please enjoy winter and don’t forget the hat.

December 5, 2013

Prescription drugs advertising.

Besides the United States the only other country that has legalized DTC advertising is New Zealand (which did so in 1981)

Prescription drugs TV ads.

But you may die from it.


The use of DTC ads has grown rapidly since it was first approved in the U.S. in 1997. At that time, the ads could only be run along with lengthy consumer information warning of risks and side effects, so few companies used them. In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised the rule so that rather than providing a full disclosure, companies only needed to meet an “adequate standard” when it came to describing risks to consumers. For those who are wondering, the only other country that has legalized DTC advertising is New Zealand (which did so in 1981).

Outlaw Prescription Drug TV AdsMOST doctors ARE PAID to push pharmaceutical drugs. Kiddie Prozac Docs Took Millions From Drug Makers


30 Prescription Drug TV Ads,
which have been around for years

RED = Ads which have been removed due to SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS, and/or FDA action. http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/medicine/prescription-drug-tv-ads.htm

Spending on prescription drugs has grown faster than any other type of health-care spending in the United States. “If you just look at the number of prescriptions issued since restrictions have lifted, they’ve definitely gone up,” said Michael Russo, a health-care advocate for CalPIRG. http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=106198

My advise to people who actually watching prescription drugs advertisements.

As soon as you see the TV ad please get up and do something like wash the dishes, run up or down stairs, play with kids or the dog. Just move!

You will improve your health and save money. And you will help America to cut health care cost.

Prevention Is To Be Proactive

In defense of the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare means to take care of your health, to stay healthy. In America we have sickness care. And that keeps medical establishment happy while you are sick.

Not enough attention to one very important aspect of the Obamacare is that it encourages and promotes prevention.

Unfortunately Democrats and the current White House suck at public relation and the propaganda about it’s accomplishments.

Real problem with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the administration did a terrible job explaining the important parts of this new law. One of which is prevention. In a long run just this (prevention) should greatly improve people’s health and reduce healthcare cost overall.

Here are some facts.

Healthcare reform’s preventive coverage rule that kicked in last year is already making big waves, according to the latest report from the federal government.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just announced that the healthcare reform law provided approximately 54 million private health plan participants with at least one new free preventive service in 2011.

In 2011, the healthcare reform law put employers on the hook for preventive care by prohibiting co-pays or deductibles on things like mammograms, Pap smears, colonoscopies, well-child visits, flu shots and other medical services designed to catch and prevent serious conditions before they become bigger problems.

The law also made preventive services free for most people on Medicare, and it’s estimated that another 32.5 million people on Medicare received at least one free preventive service in 2011. That brings the law’s beneficiary grand total to 86 million. http://www.hrmorning.com/86-million-benefit-from-obamacare-mandate/

The fact that getting more people access to the healthcare when ‘small’ illnesses can be treated before they become more complicated and dramatically more expensive, will save considerably more money than we spend in the long term.

A new study conducted by The University Of California Irvine and the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, has produced some results that indicate that the approach taken by the ACA(Affordable Care Act) may be very much on the right track.

The study involved giving health insurance to some 26,000 previously uninsured people in Richmond, Virginia, allowing them to access primary care services in the area. The demographics of those participating in the program were designed to match the demographics of those who will be affected by the expansion of the Medicaid program in 2014.

Similar to Medicaid, participants were responsible to re-enroll in the program proactively for subsequent years.

To date, the study reveals that primary-care visits, for patients who continued to participate it the program for three years, rose from 1.06 in the first year to 1.60 visits annualized over the three years of the study. Not surprisingly, the emergency room visitation rate fell from 1.02 for these folks in the first year to .74 by the end of year three. When measuring the change in health care costs for those participants who increased their visits to a primary care physician during the three year period while decreasing the number of visits to the emergency room, the study reveals that, on average, the total annual health care costs per enrollee fell from $8,899 in year one, to a startling $4,569 in year three—an almost 50 percent decline in the cost of health care per individual.http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2012/03/12/early-signs-that-obamacare-is-on-the-right-track-to-reduce-costs/

So my usual and constant advise is to learn how to live healthy. Proper diet, exercise, reducing stress, meditation and positive attitude in general. And if you hate your job – do something else. Be proactive. Be happy. Smile even if you don’t feel like smiling. 

What “Experts” are saying.

over hydrating

Are you that thirsty?

Simply put, you should be drinking water even when you’re not feeling thirsty. Most of the time, your body mistakes thirst for hunger and causes you to obtain more calories from food when you simply need water. Or, your body may just disregard your thirst. Your body requires water regularly throughout the day regardless of how thirsty — or not thirsty — it feels, so keep hydrating yourself even if you’re not feeling dry.http://www.healthygrad.org/drink-up/

These “experts” do not distinguish between a 300 LBS male and 100 LBS female.

Between people living in Arizona and people in NY

Between an accountant spending work hours sitting in air conditioned office and the construction worker in summer Nevada.

How about the marathon runner versus casual walker?

Should pregnant woman drink more then menopausal women?

Should we drink more in the summer or winter?

Also each person is different. Different kidneys, liver, heart. Different metabolism.

So should you listen to “experts”and obediently chug down 8 glasses of water each day?

Chinese holistic philosophy.

In Western medicine, patients with similar complaints or diseases, usually will receive virtually the same treatment.

Chinese holistic philosophy.

Yin and Yang.

The Chinese physician is more of an adviser than an authority; he or she believes in treating every patient differently, based on the notion that one does not treat the disease or condition but rather the individual patient. Thus two people with the same complaint may be treated entirely differently, if their constitutions and life situations are dissimilar. Disease is also considered to be evidence of the failure of preventive health care and a falling out of balance or harmony. http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/traditional+Chinese+medicine

Returning to our senses.

Finding that just right balance between drinking enough but not too much does not have to be a complicated equation – just pay attention to your thirst. For many years we heard that thirst is a poor indicator to help regulate fluid intake but it turns out there was little research to back up this claim. Many runners took these guidelines to heart and drank up to the point of over-hydration which can lead to low levels of sodium in the blood. This condition called hyponatremia can be very serious and even fatal. It is more common in slower, less trained runners who may be on the race course for many more hours and also exposed to the mid-day heat that can cause even more sodium loss. http://www.runcolfax.org/hydration-should-you-trust-your-thirst/

Messages are changing but your body knows best.

Years ago, we were told to drink lots of water to keep hydrated when working out. Later, we were told that water isn’t enough; we need the electrolytes found in thirst quenching sports drinks. Then, with the greenwashing trend of going “natural,” we were told that we should be drinking coconut water to replenish those electrolytes instead. And we still haven’t stopped hydrating over and over with regular water — may it be filtered or from the tap — in a bottle, a plastic reservoir hydration system, or a trendy stainless steel bottle.


Too many sport drinks


But did you know that most of this hydration hype is engineered by marketeers, who almost aim to scare people into consuming more water and sports drinks — even though a new study says all of this constant water consumption isn’t really necessary for us?

When you have too much waterin your body, your blood takes in that surplus in order to balance your body’s salt levels. This causes your cells to swell, which may lead to pain and dizziness, and in severe cases, vomiting. Not only that, but you don’t necessarily need to be going to the bathroom all the time. Sure, we can drink our recommended eight glasses of water a day to keep hydrated during our daily routine, but according to Dr. Winger, “There’s no science behind those whatsoever. Zero.” http://news.discovery.com/human/life/are-we-hydrating-too-much.htm

Typically, though, guzzling down too much fluid—especially from certain “rehydration” drinks—can ironically cause dehydration. “When the drink has a high level of sugar and additives, for example, and thus more solutes than you naturally have in your blood, the body has to take its own fluid to dilute it, so it can be absorbed, and if you’re simply drinking too much water at once, you may end up peeing too much, and not absorbing any fluid. The body has a natural volume response that causes you to pee.” (Learn A Better Way to Measure Hydration.)

So my friends now that you are confused enough I jut want to suggest: Listen to your body. Listen to it. Don’t wait til your body starts to scream.

Here is a short story:

A student once asked his teacher, “Master, what is enlightenment?”

The master replied, “When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep. When thirsty, drink.”

One more thing in conclusion. Please do not buy or use plastic bottles. It is bad for you and for our environment.

Plastic water bottles harm our environment

Unnatural disaster


September 19, 2013



Cold season is upon us

Summer is almost over. Pretty soon leafs will start to change colors, days are getting shorter, kids are back in school and for many of us the mood is changing too. I personally like the seasons and change because each season got it’s own beauty.

But the colder weather is coming. One of the things that helps me to stay warm and cozy are herbal packs. I have been using them for years. It is so nice to place this warm aromatic thing on my shoulder! Add a cup of hot tea and relax, enjoy the warmth and aroma. (I sometimes add a little cognac in my tea).

Not much else can top that!

So here is a little more about herbal packs.

These herbal hot/cold packs made in manufacturing facility located in Canoga Park, California. Our herbal packs combine the benefits of Hot and Cold Therapy with soothing aroma which promotes relaxation, relieves tension, eases aches and pain and reduces stress.

Microwaveable packs

versatile and convinient

The entire line is affordable, effective, well-made and reusable. There are variety of colors and shapes to choose from. These are quality items and the packs look good too. You will appreciate the comfort, and the ability of the wraps to retain moist heat or remain ice cold. You will love the aroma that helps to soothe tired muscles. It is like having a spa treatment in the comfort of your own homes.

Compared to other products on the market, these are by far the best quality for the cost. Try them…you will not be disappointed.

Filling Ingredients: Chamomile, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Spearmint, Yarrow, Yellow-Dock Root, White Willow, Flax Seed, Wheat.

Use hot/moist to:

Relieve muscle pain and aches

Relieve minor joint pain

Promote muscle relaxation


Use it cold to:

Relieve pain due to injured muscles

Reduce swelling and fever

Relieve minor headaches

Relieve minor burns and bruises

It is a great alternative to drugs. These packs work wonders on back, shoulder and knee pains; they help you relax and relieve tension; they open up breathing passages, they help to reduce menstrual cramps  – and all naturally. These herbal warmers are a perfect gift for someone special. There are a wide variety of shapes, fabrics and sets

So my friend do yourselves a favor and try it. You will not be disappointed.

Let the winter come.

July 28, 2013

Skim milk deseption.

Liars! Please don’t be a sucker.

We spent a few wonderful fun days with my daughters family in Florida, and I noticed that every morning and evening the parents would give their kids (6 and 4 years old) a glass of fat free or low fat milk. That looked a little strange to me considering that the kids are active and this “milk” looks a little scary – blue and almost transparent and would leave no trace on the glass. I still remember how the milk man would bring fresh whole milk to our house every morning and we kids would drink it. It tasted like milk. Nobody at the time new or used low fat “milk”.  I was concerned and did some research. And I would encourage you to do your own research, please. For the sake of your loved once.

Skim Milk Hoax.

You’re supposed to drink skim because whole milk has too much fat, too many calories, and cholesterol that can give you heart disease. Right? Hey more ways to make money!

“What was once an industrial waste product had quickly become a highly-desirable “health food.  When cream was skimmed from milk, the remaining fat-free milk used to be considered a nearly useless byproduct of obtaining the cream. But, market that wasteful skim milk as being a healthful choice for consumers, and suddenly, you’ve got a serious money-maker on your hands! The skim milk you’ll find in most grocery stores is a mass-produced product from animals in concentrated animal feeding operations, or factory farms, where the cows are kept in confinement and fed a diet that is completely inappropriate for their species.

Industrial milk farms

Bon appetit

Because of that cows given antibiotics to keep them alive so they can continue to produce. But because they’re still fighting off infections, things like blood and pus from open sores frequently make their way into the finished product — the milk we see on store shelves. The FDA allows up to 750 million pus cells per liter of milk, to be sold legally. Adults aren’t faring much better with swapping whole milk for skim. Studies have showed time and time again that a reduced-fat diet, similarly to a reduced-calorie diet, does not result in long-term weight loss and health, but instead leads only to “transient” weight loss — that would be weight that comes piling right back on after it’s temporarily shed. This is because healthy fats actually curb your appetite and trigger the production of hormones which tell the brain when you’re full. If you’re not eating fat, you stay constantly hungry, and wind up binging on unhealthy food. Fat-free milk essentially signals to your body that something is missing, which leads to overeating and weight gain.”  Please read the rest of the article here: http://butterbeliever.com/fat-free-dairy-skim-milk-secrets/ 

Low-fat foods do not lower calorie consumption: Low-fat versions are supposed to reduce the amount of calories that people eat, and in an absolute sense, they do. A cup of low-fat milk contains fewer calories than a cup of whole milk. But Ludwig and Willett note that there isn’t much evidence to support the idea that drinking lower-calorie beverages in general leads to lower-calorie intake. Reduced-fat foods and drinks may not be as filling, so consumers may end up compensating for the lack of calories and eating or drinking more. In a study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood in March, scientists found that kids who drank lower-fat milks were actually more likely to be overweight later on.
Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2013/07/03/skim-milk-is-healthier-than-whole-milk-right-maybe-not/#ixzz2a5sx55el

Study Links Fattier Milk To Slimmer Kids


A study of preschool-aged children published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, a sister publication of the British Medical Journal, finds that low-fat milk was associated with higher weight.

The study included about 10,700 children in the United States. Parents were interviewed about their child’s beverage consumption on two occasions: once when the children were 2 years old and again at 4 years. Direct measurements of height and weight (to calculate body mass index) were taken by researchers.

Interestingly, this is not the first study to point in this direction.

In a 2005, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital reported that skim and 1 percent milk were associated with weight gain among 9-to-14-year-olds.

And a 2010 by researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston, which also looked at preschool-aged children, found that higher intake of whole milk at age 2 was associated with a slightly lower BMI (body mass index). The researchers concluded that switching from whole milk to reduced-fat milk at 2 years did not appear to prevent weight problems in early childhood.

There are many more studies providing evidence that fat free or low fat products are not beneficial and actually bad for us. Especially for children who’s metabolism can be screwed up for the rest of their lives. But what a great money making idea! Whole milk costs about the same as skim milk. So let’s separate the fat and sell as cream (which is more expensive than milk and sell the leftovers (skim milk) as healthy product to poor suckers who believe this crap. The profits at least doubled and life is good! But not for cows and people who believe the marketing scheme. I ask parents and grand parent please do your research before giving the skim milk to children.


 Rumsfeld war criminal is responsible for poisoning people with Aspartame.


Aspartame is an additive found in diet soft drinks and over 5,000 foods, drugs and medicine. It was approved in 1983 for use in carbonated beverages. However, there may be more sour than sweet when it comes to aspartame.

Donald Rumsfeld double criminal

Double criminal

Diet and sugar free poisonsSecretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was president of Searle Pharmaceuticals, a company owned by Monsanto… Rumsfeld is believed to have earned around US$12 million from the sale of Searle to Monsanto.
Racketeering charges have been filed against Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, Monsanto, NutraSweet Co., the American Diabetes Association and Dr Robert Moser for distributing toxic aspartame, in a class action representing many plaintiffs, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California seeking $350 million in damages.


Please watch this documentary: http://youtu.be/ZI7_8FDzuJE

Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Avoid “fat free”

Avoid “Diet”

Please do not trust TV advertisements!

The only purpose, the reason these corporation exist (Monsanto and it’s subsidiary Searle) is to make money. It is not about you. They just don’t care.

People you have to take care of yourself and your family. 

A significant amount of scientific research on aspartame has been performed, and the FDA asserts that aspartame does not cause any diseases or illnesses. Aspartame remains legal in the U.S. and is still approved for general consumption by the FDA. http://www.monsanto.com/newsviews/Pages/aspartame-nutrasweet.aspx

June 15, 2013

A List of 13 Popular Fad Diets


Obesity and pills

Face of America

The Grapefruit Diet
The Cabbage Soup
The 3-Day Diet
The 3-Hour Diet
Liquid Diets
The Sacred Heart Diet
Lemonade Diet
The Hollywood Diet
The Beverly Hills Diet
Tapeworm Diet
Negative Calorie Diet
Acai Berry Diet 
The HCG Diet

And yet Americans are getting fatter!

Healthy diet and prevention


The latest and the greatest news!

Strange Tropical Fruit Burns Average 17 Pounds in Clinical Study.

The Garcinia Cambogia Extract is the latest buzz in the “battle of the bulge”.  Since recently being studied on a popular doctor television show, millions of people are praising this so called “Holy Grail weight loss pill”.

New miracle product to loose weight while lying on the couch enjoying a Big Mac with beer.

So fat people in America!  No worries.  Now instead of eating less you can eat even more!  Just don’t forget to swallow the miracle pill.  Genius!

It is even easier than cutting out the stomach!

The problem is that in our super-fat country we will need the super supply of this super food to help 100 million fat Americans lose wait and destroy tropical forests in the process.

Instant gratification.  That is what drives America.

Headache – Advil or Aleve.  Just watch TV while enjoying your Big Mac.  You will get plenty of advise.

Healthy living.

Pills substitute.

Back pain – see above.

Depressed that your team lost?  Plenty of antidepressants available – see above.  Your TV has all the answers.

There is a pill for any problem!

E.D. – no worries.  Viagra and Cialis to the rescue of your manhood.

America –  the society addicted to instant gratification.

And who cares about the day after tomorrow!

And who has the last word:  Dr. Oz.  By promoting “miracle” foods like palm oil and Garcinia Cambogia, you inflict great damage to tropical forests and don’t help much by promoting instant miracle gratification.

May 29, 2013

Dr. Mitchell Reiki Master

Dr. Mitchell

Karyn Mitchell believes that wellness depends upon wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. You cannot isolate one aspect of a person to heal. She is dedicated to the art and science of assisting and maintaining balance of the body, mind, and spirit.


Agave nectar


Here is a recipe using Agave Nectar that is delicious, fun, and so easy

½ cup raw cacao nibs or 4 boxes of “Garden of Life” Living Foods Rain Forest Cacao Chocolate (your choice).

2 cups of nuts processed fine in food processor (Remove and retain ¼ cup of ground nuts to roll cookies in). I like to use three types of nuts: cashew, sunflower, macademia, almonds, or pecans all work well.

½ tsp each ground cinnamon and cardamom.

1tsp vanilla, dash of sea salt, ½ cup almond butter.

Agave Nectar (about ¼ cup or until nuts and cacao are binding).

After removing ¼ cup of ground nuts from food processor, add all of the rest of the ingredients until you can form a cohesive 1 Tablespoon sized ball from the mixture and it sticks together. Roll balls in ground nuts and refrigerate. Eat as snacks. (You could press the round balls into flat cookies if desired.)

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