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December 10, 2011


Medication nation

Instant gratification

Patients begin by popping too many pills to deal with a migraine or a simple tension-type headache. When the medications stop, another headache follows, similar to a hangover. Sufferers race again to the medicine cabinet, and before long they are locked in a cycle of headaches and overmedication.

At any given time, more than three million Americans are suffering from headaches they are inflicting on themselves, according to Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein, a professor of neurology and director of the Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. “If a patient’s headaches have grown markedly worse or more frequent, the problem is almost always medication overuse,” Dr. Silberstein said.

“Overuse has less to do with how many pills you take to relieve a single headache than with how often you take them,” said Dr. Robert Kunkel, a headache specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Headache Center. “If you get more than two headaches a week and take pain pills for them, you’re at risk.”

Instant gratification

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Dr Kevin Finnan

Golfers Elbow

Golfers Elbow

Golfer elbow is simpler to the tennis elbow in which inflammation and degeneration of tendons occurs. The more appropriate and technical name of it is medial epicondylitis. It has been observed that it not the problem of golfers only but has occurred in many people who are involved in sports especially with racquet sports such as tennis and squash. Few cases of golfer elbows have been diagnosed in cricket bowlers, weight lifters and archers. It is known as tendinopathies where very little inflammation occurs and sometime there is no inflammation but degeneration and pathological alteration of the tendon occurs and it gives the symptoms.

The main cause of pain the degeneration occurring in the tendons fixed in the elbow bones and sometimes little inflammation is also observed to another cause. Muscles by which we rotate and move our forearm originates over medial epicondyle which is an important bony tendon inside the elbow.

Golfers Elbow is more likely to occur in golf players and tennis players who use more topspin. The reason of more risk to such people is because of high stress that occurs during the golf swing or racquet swing especially when the wrist is cocked before throwing and when the golf club is accelerated to high backswing just before ball is hit.

The golfers elbow can be treated by corticosteroid injection and osteopathy. The first concern of any doctor is to make patients aware of the conditions and the critical factors. They tend to teach their patient to change the style of racquet or golf swing mechanism to avoid the problem and to give proper rest to the wrist.

Osteopath in Sydney gets the maximum patients of golfer elbow because of high number of people involved in such sports in that region. The golfer elbow can be worsened if not taken care of at the early stages the symptoms are the pain in the inner elbow which increase with the increased wrist bending. The pain can be reduced by rest but it might come again.

The main focus of the treatment by the osteopath in Sydney is the reduction of pain when the case become very sensitive this is done by ice treatment, deep friction, ultrasound and anti-inflammation medication. When the recovery phase starts osteopath change their treatment approach for example they increase flexibility and returning towards the normal routine but within proper amount of time.

About Author

Dr Kevin Finnan ( Rydenaturalhealthclinic.com.au) is an Osteopath in Sydney, Australia who specializes in the non-surgical treatment of chronic neck, back and joint pain. Kevin’s gentle but effective hands-on approach has helped hundreds of chronic pain suffers free themselves from pain.

May 3, 2011

Not too many people know about this material.
We have good feedback from people using Celliant(Holofiber) products.
Celliant has been clinically proven to relieve pain, help regulate body temperature and increase oxygen levels in the body. Increased oxygen levels are known to promote quicker muscle recovery and healing, improve sleep quality, heighten athletic performance and increase overall comfort and well-being.


Celliant is a specially formulated material that is knit, woven or added to products to enhance oxygen levels in the body. Products with Celliant have been clinically proven to relieve pain, increase comfort and aid in healing by increasing oxygen levels and helping to regulate body temperature. Below is a summary of the results of a recently completed study designed to measure the ability of Celliant to increase skin oxygen levels (TCPO2

Sport socks

Improved performance


There was a statistically significant increase in mean TCPO2 levels associated with wearing the Celliant shirts observed at 30, 60 and 90 minute intervals, with the greatest increase, at 90 minutes, reflecting an approximate 7% overall average increase in skin oxygen levels. The increases in TCPO2 levels associated with the Celliant shirt corroborated earlier findings performed in the limbs that oxygen levels increase when socks or gloves made from Celliant fibers are worn. Given that in both trials, the transcutaneous oxygen probes were heated to 44°C and skin temperature levels did not significantly vary between the two garments, it is unlikely that the effect observed was due to increases in skin temperature causing secondary effects on skin blood flow

Celliant yarn

Super socks

What will Ao2 Celliant socks do for me?

Celliant is clinically proven to INCREASE OXYGEN levels in the body. Increased oxygen is well known to help with:
Faster muscle recovery and healing
Increased strength, energy and endurance;
Reduced pain, swelling and fatigue
Enhanced comfort and well-being
Balanced body temperature
Heightened athletic performance
“Personally, I was very surprised with the results. In doing these studies, you often hope for a positive result but, in this case, the data points overwhelmingly to Celliant reducing pain, and it does so in a non-invasive manner for the human body!“ – Dr. Ian L. Gordon Ph.D., head of Vascular Surgery at Long Beach VA Medical Center
Holofiber is the first generation of this amazing technology. Celliant is the latest improved version.
Race tested by members of the Team Celliant Adventure Racing Team, the Performance socks is suitable for activities of all types, from cycling and running to racquet sports. Utilizing Celliant’s unique oxygen enhancing properties, this sock is produced in competition weight and offers both superior comfort and performance.

About Pain

Author: Nathan
March 3, 2011

About pain by Dr OZ

Chronic pain and obesity


“Chronic pain is one of the costliest health problems in the U.S., with an estimated annual price tag of close to $50 billion. Lower-back pain is by far the most common complaint, affecting 70% to 85% of adults at some point and leaving 7 million either partially or severely disabled. Lower-back pain accounts for 93 million workdays lost every year and consumes over $5 billion in health care costs. Arthritis pain affects 40 million Americans, and 45 million suffer from chronic headaches.”

MONDAY, July 26 (HealthDay News) — Obesity and chronic pain are both linked with family history and mood disorders, a new study suggests.

Previous research has shown that overweight people are at greater risk for chronic pain, mainly due to excessive weight placed on the joints. The most common pain disorders related to overweight and obesity are low back pain and osteoarthritis.

The study authors also concluded that depression and family history play a significant role linking obesity and pain.

Life style.

Obesity and back pain

In terms of depression, behavioral factors play a role in obesity and pain. Depressed people are often sedentary, which can lead to obesity and contribute to acute pain becoming chronic pain, the researchers explained in a news release from the American Pain Society.

Exercise and stretching can often help alleviate pain. Medications such as anti-inflammatories (the ibuprofen family), opioids and antidepressants are effective in the short term, but there are worries about long-term use. Pain-relief medication is one of the most abused areas of the pharmacopoeia. More extreme interventions — surgery, cortisone shots, nerve blockers and local anesthetics — should be explored as a last resort.

One of the best imports from Eastern medicine — acupuncture — comes from a time before ibuprofen and Bengay. Not everyone agrees on how acupuncture works, but physicians believe it activates endorphin systems, and many consider it a highly effective complementary therapy.

People who invented acupuncture would tell you that it affects the flow of KI energy in the body.

By the way western trained doctors will not be able to figure out why acupuncture works because they ignore the very foundation of oriental health philosophy: KI (CHI) the life energy.

A lot of chronic pain problems can be avoided by regular exercise, cardio and strength, maintaining proper weight and good and healthy diet.

In my own experience (I have lower back flair ups periodically) it is mainly time that heals. It takes a month or more for your body to heal and reduce the pain.

Acupressure mat

Acupressure mat

But what helps is regular exercise (do the best you can), acupressure (or acupressure mat), acupuncture and stress relief.

Also to prevent inflammations I use Multivitamin and OPC-3 in Isotonic form

Using painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol in pregnancy may harm development of the sex organs in unborn boys, warn researchers.

They blame prolonged use of painkillers – two weeks or more – for contributing to an incrPainkillers during pregnancy harm  male reproductive organseased risk in boys born with undescended testicles.

Around half of women take over-the-counter painkillers during pregnancy, usually for headaches.

A new study shows women who used more than one type of painkiller simultaneously, for example ibuprofen and paracetamol, had a seven-fold increase in giving birth to sons with some form of problem with the testes.

It found the most vulnerable stage of pregnancy is four to six months when painkillers doubled the risk compared to women who took nothing.

Using ibuprofen and aspirin during the second trimester of pregnancy increased the risk four-fold, with a doubling of the risk for paracetamol.

Simultaneous use of two painkiller during this time increased the risk 16-fold, says the study, published in Europe’s leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction today.

These disorders can lead to poor sperm quality and testicular cancer in later life, warn researchers from Denmark, Finland and France.

They claim painkillers may be behind the increase in male reproductive disorders in recent decades, along with exposure in the womb to chemicals in the environment known as endocrine or hormone disruptors.

 mild painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen, may be part of the reason for the increase in male reproductive disordersThe researchers say that the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryologyis markedly higher than that seen for known endocrine disrupters such as phthalates, and that, as most Western women are inevitably exposed to low levels of endocrine disrupters, these together with analgesic use, could be contributing to the increased incidence of cryptorchidism and later life reproductive problems.
Dr Leffers said: “A single paracetamol tablet (500 mg) contains more endocrine disruptor potency than the combined exposure to the ten most prevalent of the currently known environmental endocrine disruptors during the whole pregnancy. In fact, a single tablet will, for most women, be at least a doubling of the exposure to the known endocrine disruptors during the pregnancy and that dose comes on a single day, not spread out over nine months as with the environmental endocrine disruptors. Thus, for women using mild analgesics during the pregnancy, the mild analgesics will be by far the largest exposure to endocrine disruptors.” Here is a good product to use!

October 14, 2010

Joint pain

Joint pain

Barkan ointmant

A mixture of herbal extracts & essential oils

Herbs of Kedem is proud to notify you of the most recent exciting news – our top product for muscle and joint pain – BARKAN – was authorized by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product, which means, it’s effectivness is now proven!
Below you will find an interesting article regarding the side effects of Codeine, a common pain killer, which apperantly is dangerous that we thought it is.
Chose the natural solution for your pain, with no side effects whatsoever.

Canadian medical journal warns codeine can kill

4 Ontario deaths
Fast metabolism can provoke morphine overdose

By SHARON KIRKEY, Postmedia News October 5, 2010

Codeine can be lethally toxic even in normal doses, and now Canada’s leading medical journal says it’s time to seriously consider phasing out the popular painkiller.
The Canadian Medical Association Journal says codeine -a drug that has been in use since the 1800s -has never been subjected to the safety testing now mandatory for modern-day drugs, and that a person’s genetic makeup can leave them vulnerable to life-threatening or fatal reactions.

“Health professionals and the public generally believe that codeine, used responsibly, is safe, a perception fostered by the availability of codeine-containing products for purchase over the counter in many countries,” the journal says in an editorial published this week.

“However, recent advances in our understanding of pharmacogenetics raise serious concerns about the safety of codeine, including emerging evidence that the narcotic can cause death even at conventional doses.”

The liver converts codeine to morphine. But some people are ultrarapid metabolizers, meaning their bodies break codeine down far faster than most, leading to a toxic accumulation of morphine that can be deadly.

Researchers from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children were the first to report the case of a healthy, 12-day-old breastfed baby who died from a morphine overdose five years ago. The baby’s mother had been prescribed codeine for postpartum pain. Lab tests revealed she carried the genetic variations that made her an ultrarapid metabolizer of codeine, which led to high levels of morphine in her baby’s blood, although she was taking less than the recommended dose.

Last year, the Sick Kids team warned using codeine after tonsil surgery could be fatal for toddlers after reviewing a coroner’s case involving an otherwise healthy 2-year-old who was sent home with a prescribed dose of codeine and acetaminophen syrup after a tonsillectomy. He died two days later. Genetic tests revealed he was a hyper converter of morphine. He died of a morphine overdose.

The researchers know of two more cases involving Ontario toddlers -one of whom died.
The chance of being an ultrarapid metabolizer varies among populations. Health Canada estimates it to be one per 100 people for those of Chinese, Japanese and Hispanic descent, and one to 10 per 100 for Caucasians. North African, Ethiopian and Arab populations have the highest prevalence, at 16 to 28 per 100 people.

By Rachelle Holmes of Chicago Breast Augmentation and Chicago Liposuction Center, MetropolitanMDs

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of health care and treatments on the planet, but it still serves its purposes even today. Now, while inserting dozens of needles into your body doesn’t seem like the most fun way to treat ailments, acupuncture is a tried and true therapeutic practice that has helped people deal with pain for centuries.

By inserting needles into various pressure points around the body, physical pain and stress can be relieved and even treated using acupuncture. For most, it’s funny to think that sticking needles into the pain areas and pressure points of the body would be the answer, but when it comes to people who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, it might just be that.

New studies have shown that that acupuncture in certain areas of the body releases adenosine, which is a natural pain killer that is usually released after an injury. This allows people who are suffering from constant fibromyalgia to gain some much-needed relief.

By releasing adenosine, pain signals can be blocked from ever reaching the brain thus helping sufferers deal with their pain problems. This brings up a lot of questions about how much acupuncture has to do with adenosine release and if this is the reason that so many benefit from it. Yet, whatever the reason, studies have shown acupuncture to be great at treating the condition and helping the people who suffer from it.

From the fatigue angle, the study also went on to show that adenosine released from acupuncture has a lot to do with the regulation of the sleep cycle. By being able to regulate sleep correctly, chronic fatigue syndrome may be able to be properly treated and even fixed.

Acupuncture paired with the correct medicine can help both constant pain and fatigue, as new studies have gone on to show. This is good news for sufferers of both ailments, and goes to show that this ancient art of health may still have some new tricks to share.

from USNews.com 

We’re dynamic creatures, and we aren’t supposed to sit for eight or 10 hours at a time. If you look at our muscularity, we’re meant to be lower down, in a hunched position. By sitting all day, you’re shortening the iliopsoas [a powerful muscle group that flexes the hip and the trunk], and when you try to stand up, it can cause a lot of discomfort [in the back muscles, which are forced to constantly pull back to keep the spine straight].

If we looked at the musculature, we might say, hey, listen, it’s really short and tight, so let’s reduce that tightness [with manual therapies designed to loosen up muscles and break up scar tissue] to improve pain. If we took that conservative [step] first, along with stretching and strengthening, we wouldn’t have to look at the structural problems. Now I’m talking about the vague back pain so many people have, not something potentially serious.

Do you recommend stretching to prevent pain or muscle problems?
Instead of generally asking “to stretch, or not to stretch,” the question should be: Should you stretch for a particular condition, and if so, what kind? For example, static stretching [traditional stretching, bringing the muscle right to the end of its range of motion and holding it for 20 or 30 seconds] really seems to have its place in post-surgical rehab for injuries to the capsule [a sleeve of collagen surrounding a joint], for example, in the hip joint or shoulder joint. It can really break up post-surgical scars. It can also really increase the flexibility of the joint capsule for people who need it, like ballet dancers or gymnasts. [The book notes that static stretching for most athletes has not been shown to be particularly helpful in reducing injury or boosting performance.]

Dynamic stretches [which incorporate movement to bring blood to the area; an example is simply moving your outstretched arms from the front to the side and back, crisscrossing in front of the chest] are great for people who want a little more flexibility before a run, for example. They’re also a great progression to a more active role after surgery. I’d rather see athletes do no stretching at all rather than the wrong stretch. I’d rather see relax.jpgthem warm up really well, doing their activity for 10 to 15 minutes at a very low level.

I love these oils and creams before and after the stretching. And Levona Stress Relief Bath Emulsion is the best thing in this world before you go to sleep.

Joint pain relief

Author: DeadSeaLife
December 18, 2008

Joint pain relief

A lot of people experience the excruciating symptoms of arthritis and its related diseases. These include swelling, inflammation, pain, redness, and stiffness. When it comes to treatments, there are prescription medications that can be used but they may come with potentially harmful side effects. Although these drugs can help treat symptoms, the possible adverse effects led people to seek safer and natural alternatives.

Natural remedies for joint pain relief from arthritic conditions have been found to be a better solution for suffers that are at risk for dangerous side effects. Safer treatments for joint pain now include natural oils, minerals, and even effective ointments made from organic ingredients.

Natural herbal products

Author: DeadSeaLife
October 28, 2008

natural herbal productsWhen it comes to treating common ailments, from a headache to a skin rash, nothing beats going natural. I’d rather rely on natural herbal products because I know they are effective yet safe.

Natural skin products, for instance, are particularly advisable for people with sensitive skin who are prone to allergic reactions. Children, especially infants, also have sensitive and delicate skin. Hence, it is better for them not to use creams or lotions that are filled with synthetic ingredients.

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