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In the woodsResearchers at the Judean Desert Research Center, near the Dead Sea, are studying the properties of plants which have to adapt to the climatic stress of the region.  It appears the several of them use plant hormones for this purpose.  Extracts of such plants, now cultivated at that same region, have recently been applied to repel mosquitoes. 

Contrary to products which rely just on essential oils as their active ingredients, the plant extracts in various edible oils contain many bigger, odorless molecules which repel insects; additionally, these plant extracts help to calm the skin. The researchers have also succeeded to refrain from using any synthetic stabilizers and preservatives, or any non-edible plants. The Herbs of Kedem natural cosmetics company has applied this research for the development of the ASFAR balm, suggested for application before going to bed or while staying outdoors.  It may be used even by small children.kids.jpgBy Dr. Amir Kitron

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