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Herbs of Kedem

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Why All Natural Products for Your Skin? Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It actually breaths. Many people have skin problems like skin rashesdry skinchapped skin,toenail fungus remedy and so on. Our skin absorbs toxins from the air and chemicals that we put on our skin, and at the same time extracts waste from the body. Sweating is one of the ways of our body to get rid of toxins, as well as to cool our body. Rashes,pimpleseczemaitchy skinchapped skin are attempts of our body to clean itself from toxins, poison and chemicals. Commercial creams and ointments that we use every day, are full of fragrances, cooked and processed ingredients, some come from the petroleum industry. These products will create pore-clogging coatings, thus adding to what has to be cleaned out.

That is why we should be very careful what we put on our skin. Preventing and successfully treating skin disorders like psoriasisseborrheaitchy skinpimplesacneskin eczemaskin fungus and other is of great importance.

SafeThis month we are happy to announce that Herbs of Kedem is one of the best selling organic and natural products in the world. We owe this great achievement to the efficacy of our products and their high quality ingredients from the Dead Sea region. Our unsurpassed quality is apparent to our customers who come to us to treat conditions that they have tried for years to treat unsuccessfully with other products. This is particularly true of our #1 product Sephorris for nail fungi as many of you are already aware. What you may not be aware of, and that which we hope to inform you of today, is a safe and effective treatment for curing or controlling hemorrhoids without surgery. Our ointment, Afoulim, is a 100% organic salve comprised of various essential oils such as olive, palm & coconut and various plant extracts such as cypress, geranium, & italian helichryse.


Kedem Herbs

These synergistic combinations were designed to increase muscle tone, contract the blood channels, and promote healing, while providing relief of the irritating symptoms of itching and burning. Though this is a usually embarrassing topic to talk about, we are confident that if you share this experience with friends and family, that they will be extremely grateful. We are so sure of the quality and effectiveness of our products that we provide a satisfaction guarantee that if after one month you aren’t satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund*.

We wish you and your loved ones well and we look forward to hearing from you in the future! Sincerely, HerbalSkinCareBlog.com


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